Frame Your View

Windows and doors frame your view and help to define architectural style

Historic Restoration

I provide adaptive resources to makeover doors and windows to meet historic requirements and today's stringent codes and standards. Often this requires industrial research, as well as architectural research, way things are made.

Historic Restoration
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J.S. Benson has been designing and building durable, efficient, and beautiful custom windows and doors, for architects, homeowners, businesses, and historic restorations for 40 years.

Whether it's helping make a historic restoration more comfortable and energy efficient, or designing fenestration for a new building to meet environmental standards, each of my projects begins with listening. I learn as much as possible about both the end customer's unique vision and their architect’s and contractor's more practical requirements of what it will actually take to get the job done. By taking the time to fully understand these sometimes conflicting needs, I am able to provide my clients with the simplest and most precise approach to satisfy both.

From retrofitting commercial buildings to meet energy codes while simultaneously passing landmark review, I am always looking out for both the needs of customer and the project details a contractor needs to get the job done in a sustainable and efficient manner.


noun ARCHITECTURE the arrangement of windows and doors on the elevations of a building. Arrangements of openings on the elevations of a building, example windows and doors.


I produce 2D and 3D drawings in whatever format you need for the fabrication of architectural elements in wood, metals, stone and glass. 40 years of experience designing all manner of exterior and interior architectural elements gives me a unique perspective. I can visualize project details from the stand-point of a craftsman who has made them. From fine furniture to cabinetry, stairs, doors and windows, custom hardware & locks, I have made them all.


Private Residence Essex MA
Private Residence Renovation - Essex MA

Custom Design

Architectural components designed for today and a better tomorrow using technologies engineered to meet the test of time. Bring me your design challenges. I love creative problem solving. Your project components have to pass energy codes and DP (design pressure air/water/structural) requirements. I’ve done that in cities around the US, Canada and Japan, each with their own unique design requirements.


My windows and doors are built to stand the test of time, beautiful, functional, and  historically accurate. To achieve this, I create “stealth” technologies that not only meet current building codes but also pass landmark review. This allows my designs to be eligible for federal tax credits.

Dymaxion and Usonian spoken here.

An admirer of the work of Buckminister Fuller, Claude Bragdon and other architects, I think about my work as existing in 4 dimensions, in both space and time. When working on a project I think about how different the space will be from the inside out, and from the outside in. I look at the site, the location, at different times of day. In addition to seasonal changes, spaces are different at dawn, midday, twilight and after dark. This motion through time changes spaces and how we experience them.

Steve Benson

Meet Steve Benson

“I design each project thinking about generations to come and how they will use it.”

I have been designing and building solutions for architectural millwork challenges since 1978. Now semi-retired my services include engineering elegant weather withstanding fenestration with accompanying presentation and shop drawings. Many of my hardware, window and door designs have been tested by independent labs and modified till they meet or exceed the ASTM requirements for the project. I also provide CAD for CNC production and 3D printers. After running my own shop for 40 years I also design tooling and automated manufacturing equipment.

Custom Windows and Doors

Windows and doors tell a lot about a building. You recognize the age period, function of most houses, buildings and structures by looking at the windows and doors.

Our Work

Balanced, structurally strong design built to last a lifetime.

Kennedy Warren Building

Kennedy Warren Building

Chris Rock Stained glass bathroom window

Anderson Cooper Firehouse

Anderson Cooper Firehouse

Ferrisburgh Grange Hall

Ferrisburgh Grange Hall 1868

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We specialize in custom millwork, specifically in architectural woodworking, custom windows and doors, fine cabinetry and historic reproductions.  We have over 25 years of experienceç in various millwork enterprises from lumber yards to production facilities.  Through close collaboration with our customers, our designers and craftspeople are sure to be able to give shape to your ideas and bring them to fruition.

Estey Millwork is located in the historical Estey Organ Complex in Brattleboro, VT.


Based in Wallingford, Vermont, Bear Mountain Works builds custom woodwork for all aspects of residential and commercial architecture. With our substantial past experience in custom residential interiors and our current specialty in custom and restoration fenestration projects, our shop is well positioned to fabricate any and all elements of your project.