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Steve Benson

“I judge my work not just by how good it is when it goes out the door but by how it will look and function 100 years from now. “

My Services

Our Process

Creative solutions for Architects, Builders, Owners and Manufacturers, that balance efficacy, budget, style and environmental concerns.

  • Design – Custom Windows, Doors & Millwork in Metal and Wood
  • IllustrationCAD Shop Drawings – for Presentation & Fabrication
  • R & D for New Products – 3D Printed Prototypes and Hardware.


  • Inovative designs that make windows and doors functional and beautiful¬†
  • Historic Restoration – Designs that keep historical accuracy in focus yet comply to today’s standards
  • Preparation for Testing – Evaluating design tolerances to pass or exceed the DP required.
  • Environmental Design – That meets energy code, and LEED goals.

Initial Evaluation

When I examine the property I start with the foundation and the orientation of building to environment. If a building is still standing after a century or more there is a reason. Often it is because the foundation and structure were well thought through and executed. Anything above can be replaced, or remodeled. Even this fire ravaged Grange Hall was fully restored with our design assistance to historic and energy requirements.

Consulting with Clients

I ask clients: What do you want to achieve? What are your biggest concerns? How long do you want the building to last? Sustainability? I also look at the aesthetic consequences of the project. A local 17th to 20th century building is a community treasure whose architecture should be preserved while updating energy performance.

I having worked on National landmark projects so can provide details that will pass historic scrutiny as well as storm and energy codes.


Environmental Integrity

The energy efficient fenestration of this seaside guest house compliment its’ classic Maine camp bungalo style. Engineering in stealth performance features has long been a hallmark of J S Benson Design

Case Studies

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